GRAZIELE LAUTENSCHLAEGER On what, how and why I have been spending time and energy in this life


Self-portrait of an absence

in collaboration with Edgar Alvarenga, Radamés Ajna, Caterina Renaux Hering and 3DMIN

July, 11th 2018 at Museo del Traje, Madrid, Spain in the occasion of the 6th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X >>>  xCoAx 2018
Premiered on Oct,13th 2016 at Design Transfer Berlin / Universität der Künste in the occasion of the 3DMin Simposium

Exploring the freedom of playing between the abstract and concrete worlds, Self-portrait of an absence is a poetic experiment around “sensing and making sense in absence”.  Vilém Flusser, whose writings enlightened me on understanding the specificities of digital media, had a blind eye. So do I. This coincidence encouraged me to explore creatively the absence of vision regarding issues strongly present in his work. I take advantage of my blind eye to practice a flusserian dialogue,  translating a personal and intimate characteristic into an universal experience.

Challenging the dichotomy between form and function, the work consists of an eye-tracking device, programmed to generate sounds according to the synchrony-asynchrony of the eyes movements.

Through the mix of life and machinic principles and aesthetics, the project is an attempt to make tangible the mutual influence of nature and culture, usually seen by the common sense as separate universes.

The project is not intended to be a steampunk GoogleGlass, rather a device able to grasp the symbolic level of relationships between body and technology. It is meant to be an exercise on understanding what happens in between sensing and making sense.

Here you can see a video of the project when it was conceptualized:

Technical solutions documented at GitHub.

The project is also related to the practice-based PhD research that the artist conducts at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in the Institut für Kulturwissenschaft.

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