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Arte Programmata

ARTE PROGRAMMATA: Entre Acidente e Controle is the title of my master thesis defended in 2010 at the Architecture and Urbanism Department / Engineering School of São Carlos at the University of São Paulo.

The research analyzed the production processes on Contemporary Media Art (post-1990´s) through the Second Order Cybernetics perspective, whose principles study the observer while observing the system, and analyzes the relationship between observer and observed as a circular motion. The research methodology was based on the Grounded Theory. The argument emerges by blending together the theoretical framework  with the information collected through observations, conversations and interviews. The analysis is developed in three chapters, all interrelated exploring the relationships between accident and control in the Media Art field. In the first chapter the conceptual structure of this artistic production is analyzed. In the second chapter are explored the relationships that emerge between creative agents during the process, observing such production as a social system being ruled by conversations. In the third chapter, picturing the collective creative experience as means to the construction of Knowledge Spaces, we apply to the Architectural field what was learned about the production process of Media Art. Our final conclusions bring our perception to the relations between Media Art and Architecture leading to the utopian character of our arguments.


More details about the research process at Nomads‘ website: +ArteProgrammata

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